HAWKER : The Yugoslav Story

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Aleksandar M. Ognjević
Hurricane, Fury & Hind
The Yugoslav Story

Operation Record 1931-1941

Belgrade, 2019.

Tvrd povez, format 29 cm
Engleski jezik, 196 strana
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Yugoslavia was a larger user of Hawker planes, Yugoslav Furies saw action against Axis forces in the German invasion of 1941. On 6 April 1941, a squadron of Furies took off against the invading German Messerschmitt Bf 109Es and Messerschmitt Bf 110s. In the resulting air battle 10 Furies were destroyed, almost the entire squadronThe rest of the Yugoslav Furies were destroyed when they became unserviceable or at the time of Armistice on 15 April.

In late 1937, the Royal Yugoslav Air Force (Serbo-Croatian: Vazduhoplovstvo Vojske Kraljevine Jugoslavije, VVKJ) placed an order with Hawker Aircraft for twelve Hawker Hurricane Mk I fighters, the first foreign purchase of the aircraft. The Royal Yugoslav Air Force (VVKJ) operated the British Hawker Hurricane Mk I from 1938 to 1941. Between 1938 and 1940, the VVKJ obtained 24 Hurricane Mk Is from early production batches, marking the first foreign sale of the aircraft. Twenty additional aircraft were built by Zmaj under licence in Yugoslavia. When the country was drawn into World War II by the German-led Axis invasion of April 1941, a total of 41 Hurricane Mk I’s were in service as fighters. They achieved some successes against Luftwaffe aircraft, but all Yugoslav Hurricanes were destroyed or captured during the 11-day invasion.

This book descrbes the history

It contains more than 50 testimonies, written statements, orders and observations by direct participants from all sides that take part in 1941 April war.

It also contains a completely unknown interview with Engineer Kosta Siv?ev, who participated in the unprecedented modification of the Hurricane to a Daimler Benz DB601 A engine (LVT-1 Project), describing the entire job in smallest details. Special technical drawing of modified plane isinside as well.

The book contains six maps, as well as Appendix 10 (Places with Geographical Coordinates) with the exact GPS coordinates of each place (130+) mentioned. With the help of Appendix 11 (Personal Names), you will quickly find some of the (300+) names in the book.

Beautifully selected photographs and documents (254+3). Exactly 50 color profiles and views prepared by Aerospace Engineer Dragan Šaler, who evoke in detail the little known VVKJ Hawkers coloring schemes and markings, as well as several unusual and unique modifications made at the Zmaj and Ikarus airplane factories…

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