3.800 дин.

Rogožarski IK-3
Nenad Miklušev & Đorđe Nikolić

Monographs special edition in 3D

Poland, Lublin 2018.
Tvrdi povez, veći format 22×30 cm
Engleski jezik, 184 strane
Bogato ilustrovano sa oko 130 crno-belih fotografija od kojih se deo objavljuje po prvi put, 28 stranica linijskih crteža, 22 kolor profila i po prvi put do sada 172 3D crteža!

Due to the reluctance of the long term allies to supply modern equipment to renew the aging Air Force, the Yugoslav government lost precious time by failing to commit immediately to the industrial cooperation with the only other available source at the time, Germany. With well educated engineers and a skilled work force, the domestic industry attempted to bridge the gap. The result of this was the Rogožarski IK-3, a small, agile fighter with closed cockpit and retractable landing gear, which proved to be just as reliable as and rather easier to handle than its two more illustrious contemporaries, the British Hawker Hurricane and the German Messerschmitt Bf 109.

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