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Michael E. Haskew

London, 2007.
Tvrdi povez, format 25 cm
Engleski jezik, 193 strane
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Includes detailed entries on famous elite units such as the 101st Airborne, the UDT (Underwater Demolition Team), the SAS, the Brandenburg commandos, the French Foreign Legion, the Normandie-Niemen squadron, and many, many more.

Includes more than 120 colour and black-white photographs, artworks and maps of elite forces in action.

An ideal reference for students of World War II and special forces enthusiasts.

The Second World War saw the formation and employment of a large number of specialist units in all the many theatres. The most celebrated Special Forces were the units such as the SAS, Long Range Desert Group and the American OSS but this book looks at the much wider spectrum. It embraces special-to-purpose formations such as the Chindits (in Burma), parachute forces (of Germany and the Allies), specially formed air force units such as the Dambusters, Hans-Ulrich Rudel’s Tank Busting Stuka Squadrons, the US Flying Tigers and the Doolittle Raiders and Memphis Belle Bomber team. At sea the activities of the midget submarine crews, torpedo craft operators and the mighty German battleships are examined.All this and much more besides make Elite Forces of the Second World War a thrilling, highly informative and most attractive book.

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