600 дин.


New York, 1958
Mek povez, format 16 cm
Engleski jezik, 146 strana

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From the moment the radar indicated a German sub, the captain of the destroyer Hecate knew he would achieve his life’s ambition — a duel to the death in deserted waters between his ship and an enemy submarine.

Below the choppy sea sped the U-121 commanded by Kapitan von Stolberg, an efficient, brutal sailor who also welcomed a fight to the finish — but for a different reason. His submarine was entrusted with a mission that could prove catastrophic to the Allied war effort. Nothing — least of all a British destroyer — must stand in his way.

Plotting his strategy like a deadly game of chess, the destroyer captain doggedly tailed the elusive sub. Depth charge answered torpedo, cannon matched gun and finally man faced man in a climactic battle for supremacy at sea.

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