WAR AT SEA 1914-45

2.500 рсд

WAR AT SEA 1914-1945
Bernard Ireland
(History Of Warfare)


Cassel, 2002.
Tvrd povez, zaštitni omot
Veći format 21x27cm, 224 strane
Bogato ilustrovano slikama, mapama, šemama
i tabelama vezanim za pomorsko ratovanje.

Dobro očuvano.

Нема на залихама


The greatest naval campaigns in history, illustrated with state-of-the-art computer graphics, maps, and photographs: this new entry in the widely acclaimed History of Warfare series takes to the high seas in the period between our two largest and most destructive wars. In 1914, international naval power was measured in dreadnought battleships, but within a generation these mighty vessels were rendered redundant. Instead, submarines and aircraft carriers dominated the waters. Battles began to take place at extreme ranges; sometimes rival fleets couldn’t even see each other. Amphibious warfare became crucial, both for the liberation of German occupied-Europe and to drive back the Japanese. Through incredible images and insightful analysis by a leading expert in 20th century naval warfare, you’ll witness the technological changes that transformed battle; understand the difficulties of progressing from old to new; explore all the key battles; and cover the more rapid period of change in the history of war at sea.

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