600 дин.

W. Howard Baker

London, 1969.
Mek povez, format 18 cm
Engleski jezik, 159 strana

Dobro očuvano

August 19th 1942, the largest amphibious raiding force in modern history crossed the English Channel to Dieppe. Just a few hours later a huge tragedy had unfolded and some 4,000 soldiers were killed, wounded or captured.

Dieppe 1942: Was it an act of criminal folly? Were the brasshats hideously wrong? Or was it a risk-calculated, justifiable – that made possible the ultimate victory of D-Day?

History may have smudged the truth but this blazingly authentic novel by ‘Strike North’ author W. Howard Baker sets the record straight. It is a novel as real as sweat and blood and fear in the belly. It tells of the political pressures behind a ‘surprise’ attack for which the enemy was fully prepared. Most of all it tells of the men who went there, gun in hand, to curse their luck, to be wounded, to die. And sometimes, to survive.

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