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Complete Encyclopedia of Automatic Army Rifles
A comprehensive guide to automatic army rifles from around world
A.E. Hartink

REBO Publishers, 2004.
Tvrdi povez, format 24 cm
Engleski jezik, 321 strana
Bogato ilustrovano na kvalitetnom papriru
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Nearly 700 photographs in color

This essential Complete Encyclopedia of Automatic Army Rifles has been especially complied for weapon enthusiasts, gun owners, gun collectors and civil services. In this book you will find:
* a description of the history of the firearm
* a detailed description of the weapon terminology
* detailed technical information about weapon technology and weapon systems of army rifles and sub-machine-guns
* information about firearms manufactures and makes
* alphabetically classified information about modern army rifles of the 20th century and the next generation of army weapons for the
21st century
* a clear survey of ammunition for army rifles
* an extensive index in which you can quickly look up certain weapons
* many Internet addresses for specific information

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