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James Campbell

Futura Book
London, 1977.
Mek povez, format 18 cm
Engleski jezik, 195 strana

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Analiza najveće noćne bitke između Luftwaffe-a i bombardera RAF-a tokom napada na Nirnberg.

Night of 30/31 March 1944 Nuremberg, the main target was attacked by 572 Lancasters, 214 Halifaxes and nine Mosquitos (795 aircraft in total). Due to unusually clear weather and the formation of contrails at a lower than usual height, with the bomber stream being flown in in one straight track with an absence of any of the usual evasive routing, the Germans correctly identified that Nuremberg was the target. The first fighters appeared just before the bombers reached the Belgian border and over the next hour 82 bombers were lost on the approaches to Nuremberg. Another 13 bombers were shot down by the Germans on the return flight. In all, the RAF lost or written off 170 bombers or 11.9% of the force dispatched. Over 500 aircrew killed in a single night. It was the costliest RAF Bomber Command mission of the war and ended the Battle of Berlin.

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