WORLD WAR I : An Illustrated History

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An Illustrated History
Ian Westwell

Anness Publishing, 2020.
United Kingdom

Tvrd povez, veliki format 29cm
Engleski jezik, 256 strana
Bogato ilustrovano

An authoritative account of the course of the Great War, with analysis of decisive encounters and 500 photographs.

A highly readable history of the war, with expert commentary on the political and economic factors leading to the conflict, the key turning points of the war and the impact of new technologies.

Campaign maps and battle plans complement the description of major battles on land and at sea, along with analysis of military strategy, successes and failures.

Covers all of the most important weapons of World War I, from dreadnoughts and anti aircraft guns to U-boats and heavy field artillery, with detailed specification boxes providing technical information of each weapon.

Fascinating fact boxes highlights the lives of important political leaders and generals, such as Alexei Brusilov, Henri-Phillipe Petain, Douglas Haig, David Lloy George and President Woodrow Wilson.

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