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From small arms to tanks
Bruce Quarrie

London, 1988.
Tvrdi povez, format 25 cm
Engleski jezik, 170 strana
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This book is a good survey of weapons of the Waffen-SS. As with the author’s other fine books, it includes numerous well-selected and well-reproduced photos of the matters under discussion.

The book includes an introductory chapter on the origin and development of the Waffen-SS, including its continuing clashes with the German Army in getting any weapons other than small arms, at least before 1942 when the Waffen-SS had proved itself and its numbers rose significantly.

There are also chapters on edged weapons, small arms, artillery, armoured cars, and tanks and other armoured vehicles. The information provided on each weapon includes not only a basic history, production numbers and duration, and use but also a lot of technical data such as barrel length, muzzle velocity, etc.

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