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Panzer Aces I: German Tank Commanders of WWII
Panzer Aces II: Battles Stories of German Tank Commanders of WWII
Franz Kurowski

Stackpole Books
USA, 2004.

Meki povez, format 23 cm
Engleski jezik, 448 + 432 strane
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Six riveting, gritty accounts of some of the greatest German tank commanders, including Michael Wittmann, Hans Bolter, Hermann Bix, and others
Timelines mark the milestones of each officer’s career
With speed, violence, and deadly power, heavily armored tanks spearheaded the German blitzkrieg that stormed across Europe in 1939. Tracks rattling and engines roaring, these lethal machines engaged in some of the fiercest fighting of World War II, from the beaches of Normandy and the Ardennes forest to the snow-encrusted eastern front. In this reprint of the hugely popular book, prolific author Franz Kurowski tells the action-packed stories of six of the most daring and successful officers ever to command Panzers.

Sequel to the well-regarded Panzer Aces
Chapters on Hermann von Oppeln-Bronikowski, Kurt Knispel, Karl Nicolussi-Leck, and other great commanders
With the same drama and excitement of the first book, Franz Kurowski relates the combat careers of six more decorated German Panzer officers. Extensively researched, these gripping accounts follow the men and their tanks across three continents into some of World War II’s bloodiest engagements. They campaigned with Rommel in the deserts of North Africa, participated in the monumental tank battle at Kursk, and, maneuvering only by muzzle flashes, fought frightening small-unit contests in the dark of night. Master tacticians and gutsy leaders, these men are legends.

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