KOMMANDO – German special forces of World War Two

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German special forces of World War Two
James Lucas

London, 2003.
Mek povez, format 20 cm
Engleski jezik, 245 strana
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Posebna zanimljivost knjige predstavljaju operacije nemačkih specijalnih snaga na prostoru Jugoslavije.
Od infiltracije u Kraljevinu Jugoslaviju vojnika Vermahta preobučenih u odeću srpskih seljaka pre i tokom
Aprilskog rata, do protivpartizanskih aktivnosti čuvene divizije „Brandenburg“. Učešće Skorcenija u pripremi
desanta na Drvar itd….

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This gripping book tells the remarkable story of Germany’s special forces – military, naval and aerial – during the Second World War. Although capable of stunning achievements against all the odds, the absence of proper coordination and planning resulted in a lost opportunity for Germany. Units were raised ad hoc, as an increasingly desperate response to Germany’s ever-weakening position and the growing strength of the Allies. At sea, flotillas of manned torpedoes and explosive motor boats were introduced. In the air, the world’s first operational jet planes were grouped into special squadrons in an effort to cripple the US air offensive. On the ground, battalions of over-age men set out on foot or on bicycles towards Berlin to protect the city from the Soviet Army’s tank armadas. In other parts of Germany the Werewolf was recruiting and training young people to carry out partisan warfare. Then there were the children of the Hitler Youth, some not even in their ‘teens, who committed acts of sabotage against military installations and attacked British and Americans soldiers.Packed with useful detail and incisive analysis, this is one of the fullest and most accessible accounts of Germany’s special forces and their efforts to stave off impending military defeat.