3.000 дин.

Brian L. Davis

London, 1998.
Tvrd povez,format 25 cm
Engleski jezik, 226 strana
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Every section of the German army had its own unique badges and accoutrements, all of which are illustrated and explained in this book. This book is packed full of examples of the typical equipment, rank and badge insignia and uniforms from 1933 to 1945. It contains 375 black and white photographs whit-in 212 pages of information in a hardback binding. The colour section includes side arm knots, shoulder straps & collar patches for NCO’s and other ranks, officers and generals. There is also a rather interesting section on how the “Zeltbahn” (a triangular cape or poncho also used as a shelter) was worn. Very useful and informative for any student of this era

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